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Flooring is a major focal point in your home or office and the foundation of your decorating.  It can enhance a room with a splash of color and comfort, or create an elegant showcase.  The style and color selection is so vast, you can find an variety of types of design to complement any décor. Certain colors can have a psychological affects on a person's mood. Think about bright, cheerful colors for children or soothing tones for older members of the family.  It can also help when designing home offices and family rooms.  Carpet makes the floor a place to sit, to play and to relax.  Nothing feels nicer on bare feet than to shuffle through a lush, thick carpet. In cold weather, carpet retains warm air and in the heat, it stays cooler.  Carpet absorbs sound within a room and acts as a sound barrier between floors. On the other hand, hardwood can add elegance to the room.  If you are dealing with high traffic you might consider tile.
     MWM services is ready to answer your questions about which carpet and fiber types are best suited to your specific application. What type of wood is right for you flooring. For certain jobs we can supply any style you may need. Our installation professionals are courteous, efficient and knowledgeable and have the experience necessary to do your job right the first time. You will be living with your new floor, don't trust it to just anyone!


Please check out our Information Center.


It is very helpful information on the types of fiber that make up a carpet as well as pros and cons of fibers. It will arm you with all the knowledge you need for carpet and hardwood floor so you can rest assure, you have selected the right material to enhance your home and life style for years to come.

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