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You are interested in new carpets, but still have few questions that needs to be answered?

  • The dimensions of your room.

  • What type of fiber is ideal for your home.

  • The pro's and con's of carpet fibers.

  • Much more....

A. Nylon - a synthetic fiber that accounts for about 65% of all carpets sold in the U.S..
Pros - Excellent strength, high abrasion resistance, good resiliency, nylon can be crushed for long periods and

still regain its original shape, nylon responds to professional cleaning methods well.
Cons - Good dye acceptance; easy staining, nylon is rarely solution dyed, problems with bleaching, fading, and

urine reactions.

B. Polyester - another man-made fiber, great fiber for clothing, but has limitations when it is used for carpets.
Pros - Solution dyed, good resistant to bleaching, fading, solution dye reaction, byproduct of plastic bottle recycling,

low absorbency - dries quickly.
Cons - Loves oily stains, if not properly cleaned the oil spills can oxidize and even chemically bond with fibers.

Loss of crimp, which means after six months of luxurious appearance it could become an owner's nightmare

due to loss of twist or crimp.

C. Olefin - a very versatile carpet fiber. It is used in carpet backing and even astro-turf.
Pros - Inexpensive. Very moisture resistant, absorbs only 1/10th of 1% its weight in water, resistant to harsh chemicals.
Cons - Like polyester it loves oil and reacts the same way, very heat sensitive, dragging furniture can leave a nasty

burn mark. Once fibers are crushed it is impossible to bounce back.

D. Wool - Comes from the fleece of sheep or lamb. This is one of the oldest fibers used by man, dating back over two

thousand years.
Pros - Excellent soil hiding capabilities. Wool is very strong, elastic and resilient. Natural crimp makes wool an

excellent insulator and adds to its superior resiliency. Wool is naturally flame retardant.
Cons - Wool is a very expensive material. Fiber distortion, make sure the cleaning technician knows what he is 

doing.  You can cause streaks on the carpet by high pressure. Stains easily, a spilt glass of wine, or Kool-Aid

can leave a nasty stain.

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