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Check out what our customers have to say about our staff and our services.



AWESOME! Thank you so much for your care and hard work!

  Mrs. D Doolittle, Myrtle Beach


 I have always found MWM staff to be very efficient and helpful.  You could not ask for two nicer technicians than Josh and Dustin.  Very knowledgeable and helpful.  When the technicians finish, I feel that my carpet is really clean.

Mrs. J Metts, Conway


Have been using your services since 1995. Excellent job every time. Definitely recommend you guys.

Mrs. S. Haugen, Little River


Great attitude and very knowledgeable.  I would recommend you guys to anyone in need of great service.

Mrs. S. Pearson, Longs


Excellent job! Thank you.  It has been an excellent experience dealing with MWM.

Mr. E Jordan, Myrtle Beach


You guys are the Best!

Mrs. C. Bloodsworth


We are more then pleased with MWM Services.  Excellent choice all around.

Mr. B Lauriers, Myrtle Beach


It is always a pleasure talking to Amanda on the phone, wonderful personalty.  Pete has been my guy from first day.  He's very accomplished in his job and always smiling!!!

Mrs. D. Powers, little River


Very professional, very knowledgeable, excellent service.  Excellent choice.  Great job guys.

Mrs. V. Bevins, Little River


This is my third year using you guys.  Excellent choice. Great service.  Thank you.

Mrs. S. Jakobowski, North Myrtle Beach


They did an excellent job on my carpets and couch.  Thank you guys.

Mrs. D Clemans, Little River


One word to describe you guys. EXCELLENT!!!

Mr. J. Hare, north Myrtle Beach


I thought Pete and Jason did a great job.  Our carpet had not been cleaned in a long time and it looked great now.  Very professional.  Excellent service.

Mr. K Funderburk, little River 


Great Service for the past 8 years. 

Mrs. Edmonds, Surfside


Good job I've been very satisfied each time you have done work here.

Mr. K Platt, N. Myrtle Beach


Very professional, very knowledgeable, fair prices, excellent experience.

Mr. Debona, Myrtle Beach


Excellent service + results. Thank you.

Mr. Wittes, Calabash


I am always pleased with MWM's Services.  Your receptionist is extremely pleasant to talk to.

Mrs. M. Des Lauriers


I am always pleased when you send Doug to do my carpets.  He is so nice and knowledgeable and helpful with every question I have.  I have always been happy with MWM.

Mrs. Green, Myrtle Beach


From the beginning everyone has been extremely professional and very kind and you guys have always been there for me. Thank you.

Mrs. D. Powers, little River


Peter and Dustin were excellent.  Extremely pleased with there attitude, concern, and effort.  I like meeting Will as well.

Mrs. B. Stuckey, Surfside


2nd year using your company. Excellent!!

Mr. D. Shopt, Myrtle Beach

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