Tile and Grout Cleaning


     Tiles are versatile and are used just about anywhere.  Floors, walls, countertops, ceiling, and showers, ect.  Tile is generally easy to clean, only mild neutral cleaners are necessary to keep tile surface looking their best.  Of course, nothing is perfect, including tile.  Tiles are porous.  Grit and grime can become embedded in the surface of the tile, requiring a “deep” cleaning to remove.  There are health issues with tile and grout, mold can develop on both tile and grout.  This growth can produce serious health issues for building users and occupants, including allergic reactions and infections from other forms of respiratory illness.  It can also cause damage to the tile area on which it grows.  Although traditional cleaning processes can eliminate these problems, most heavily used floors face additional obstacles. For example, rotary buffers usually cannot penetrate tile surfaces to remove most normal soil, because the grout is recessed into the floor surface and using too course of a pad to try and penetrate the surface may actually scratch the tile.  This leaves very few alternatives other than to do the work by hand, often with the use of special brushes, even toothbrushes to remove build up.  We at MWM can tackle the job of cleaning tile and grout more efficiently by using special floor care equipment, and with the help of our truck mounts we can steam clean grouts and tile at more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 1200 psi. Both features help remove years of grime deep below the tile surface.  Leaving your floors healthy and beautiful.  Also available, grout sealer and grout dye to renew and rejuvenate all grouts.







Ever wonder what type of 
     tile do you have
Is your grout lines Sanded
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